Will you be joining these lovely ladies this September?

With less than a month to go, entries are coming in from near and far, from group entries to individual entries, from first timers to seasoned pros, all with one goal in mind to get to that finish line on the 19th of September.

Whether it’s the 5km or 10km you are targeting, the finish line will be the same, the atmosphere will be the same and the sense of achievement will undoubtedly be the very same.

So don’t forget to book your place on the start line for the 19th of September and join the gang for what will again be a great day of running and fun in the wonderful town of Killarney.

It’s not just for women, you know 🙂

Sign up Now!

Running your first 5km or 10km?

Well make this year’s Dawn Killarney Womens Mini Marathon your first. Sign up now and let us help you set the pace this September. Or go one even better and get that family member, your neighbour, your friends or work colleagues to join you and make it a day to remember.

This is the sixth year of this event and each year the event has grown and grown with a thousand women registered last year! This year we have pulled out all the stops. The best entertainment that money can buy, a show stopping band that will have you hucklebucking through the finish line.  The very best and talented DJ’s to keep you on pace. The coolest samba bands this county has to offer and a few surprises… 🙂

Sign up Now!


You Have Been Warned

This is the final call, but not the final final call for group entries…

Kathleen as been very busy in the office sending out forms, emailing and answering all your calls relating to group entries so here is the recap:
  • Free Entry for Team Leader
  • Reduced Entry for groups
  • The chance to have a great day out in Killarney on the 19th of September
A copy of the paper entries can be emailed or posted, just let us know.. ring 064 6627422 or  email Kathleen on info@feetfirst.ie

Team Leaders Wanted

Group Entries

Don’t forget this years Dawn Killarney Womens Mini Marathon is on the 19th of September. Why not bring your family, friends or work mates. On our side we will do our very best to give you an experience to remember. A great race, pre and post race entertainment, en route entertainment, the best post race goodies, a great race medal and t-shirt.  But most importantly we will make sure that you get to spend a great day out with friends, family, workmates, club members and even people that you want to beat!

FREE Entry for Team Leaders!

As part of a group you as team leader first of all get your entry for FREE, a thank you for putting the work in, for managing all your groups entries, the texts, the emails, the words of encouragement and most importantly for picking our event.

Reduced Rate for Group Entries!

The group entries will be paper based, no online fees, and the reduced entry of €20 instead of the regular entry of €25. All the group entries will numbered together and can be collected as a group to save time and energy – to allow more time to get excited about the event!


A copy of the paper entries can be emailed or posted, just let us know.. ring 064 6627422 or  email Kathleen on info@feetfirst.ie


So let us and Dawn help you set the pace this September in one of the most amazing towns in Ireland – yep you guessed it – Killarney!

Get off the Saddle!

The Ring of Kerry is in full swing this weekend and those long training cycles are now a distant memory. It’s time to switch the focus slightly and set your sights on this year’s Dawn Killarney Womens Mini Marathon on the 19th of September.

It will be a day of fun, participation and most importantly a day to remember for a long time to come!

Sign up Now

and let us help you set the pace this September.

Inspire Your Friends This September!

Roll on September 19th

We’re always trying to encourage more people into sport, because having a healthy lifestyle is so important, plus it makes you feel amazing!

So this year rather than your partner, children, family and friends waiting for you to come across the line, why not cross it with them! You don’t even have to run – you can walk, jog, skip and dance your way to the finish line. The atmosphere will be fantastic!

What are you wating for ? Sign up yourself and your friends  for either the 5km or the 10km. Or get all the family involved with our new 5km Family Entry.



Are you looking for that event to change your life?

Then this year’s Dawn Killarney Womens Mini Marathon on the 19th of September is the event for you!

The two biggest reasons for non participation in sport is fear of death or worse embarrassment! We would hope that you won’t die and we promise you that you won’t be embarrassed, well unless you do a crap hucklebuck at the finish line – that we can’t control! 🙂


But what we can promise is a great day out! A great day to spend with family, friends and those you want to beat just this once! All you have to do is sign up now for either the 5km or the 10km and watch yourself improve over the summer months. Once September hits you’ll be springing into action all the way to the start line of this year’s Dawn Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon 2015.

For information on group entries please email info@feetfirst.ie and Kathleen will look after all your needs.

Women set the pace in Killarney

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