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The Dawn Killarney Womens Mini Marathon 2015


Calling all Women…

Are you part of a group, charity, have a large family, loads of friends, work colleagues who you want to have a bit of craic with or you’re just generally popular? If the answer is yes to any of the above please get in contact with us for a special group discount rate. Email and we will send you on all the details.

This is the sixth year of this event and each year the event has grown and grown with a thousand women registered last year! This year we have pulled out all the stops. The best entertainment that money can buy, a show stopping band that will have you hucklebucking through the finish line.  The very best and talented DJ’s to keep you on pace. The coolest samba bands this county has to offer and a few surprises… 🙂

At the finish line your top quality technical t-shirt awaits you along with our newly customised medals. Of  course we couldn’t forget the ice cream ! Our Murphy’s Ice cream stand will be there. Dawn will be on hand to look after all your hydration needs and the fantastic French Bakery will have cooked up some of the nicest french treats ever to be presented at any finish line!

This year the theme is comradeship and as you look around there is always that person on the side lines yearning to take part but never plucking up the courage. Well, this year to help you on your journey we have the family 5km fun challenge to introduce people to this wonderful sport.

Make this your summer to get out, get active and most importantly let us set the pace for you this September in Killarney!


The 2015 edition of the Dawn Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon will launch in the coming weeks. The team have been working very hard behind the scenes to make this the best yet! Remember this is not just a race, its an experience, its a family fun day out, but most importantly its your day and we would be more than delighted if you chose to spend Saturday the 19th of September with us.


It wasn’t a great day but rain, hail or snow we persevere.!! Our beginner 10k running group made a great effort last week running up to 7 mins x 3 non stop. This week everyone made an impressive effort to keep challenging their limits!! If you would like to join come along next Monday meeting at entrance to Killarney National Park across from cathedral. All welcome cost 5euro.


Killarney National Park is the backdrop of our weekly training programme which aims to prepare runners for the Mini Marathon in September. Our beginner 10km running group were out last Monday and are improving week on week. Last week we concentrated on 5 minute run times, this was no bother to our beginners who paced themselves very well. Next time we’re running for 7 minutes, walking for 3 minutes and repeating this three times for a total of 30 minutes training.


If you would like to join there is plenty of space, meet us at the National Park, across from the Cathedral, at 6.30pm every Monday for €5.

All levels are welcome, and remember… it’s never too late to start

Did you know that we have pacers ?

Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon knows that you put in a lot effort in training and want to put in your best performance on the day. Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge your pace. Am I going too slow ? Did I start the race too quickly ? It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the event and burn out prematurely.

Don’t be worried. Like all large races we have a team of pacers running the race to help you acquire your desired time for the race. Just follow the guy holding the balloon with your time written on it.

Mini Marathon Pacer

Of course you don’t have to follow the pacer. You can also beat him to the finish line !



Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon is a 10k event through Killarney National Park. Walk. Run or Jog for charity. Some love to run just for the heck of it, some seek goals to accomplish, some walk to help their charity, some jog in memory of loved ones, some run to bathe in the beauty of Killarney National Park, some run to lose weight and gain a fitness routine for life, some run to be social and to train with friends. Regardless of the reason, get out there on the day and enjoy yourself!

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