Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

I was tired of the constant nagging pain in my neck and had almost reached “the end of the line”


You see, my neck had been plaguing me for several years. It was constantly tense. I could not concentrate on my work because I was always twisting my head and kneading my muscles.


Worst of all, it climaxed with a transient ischemic attack.

But, first things first.

I have a confession to make. In part, I myself am to blame for these problems. Ever since I was young, my mother scolded me for slouching and spending a lot of time reading books and at the computer. She used to make me do exercises and send me to different sports clubs. Naturally, I hated all this physical activity because they tore me away my favorite comic books and programming exercises.

However, when I went off to college, I somehow got involved in basketball. Working out helped me relax after school, and I generally enjoyed warming up after a hard day with my friends.

My neck problem first appeared in my senior year when I started taking my first projects on the job.

There was no time for training, I wanted to earn my first real money and emancipate myself from my parents. After a few hours of sitting at the desk, my neck would start to whine. But, I’d just go to bed and in the morning I’d feet a hundred percent. That’s the beauty of youth.

After graduation, I was called to join a large organization, and I wanted to move mountains. All day long I wrote code for complex systems, developing algorithms for information retrieval, and doing pretty interesting things, or so I thought at the time.


One day, my mother came to visit.

When she saw me, a skinny, hunched over computer worm, she was indignant. I listened to a whole lecture about how a healthy person should be full of energy and movement. I wish I had listened to her at the time.

Six weeks after my mom left, she was gone…

For me, mom’s passing was a true tragedy. Always active, cheerful, and bright, she lit up my life. Her absence felt like a piece of me had been ripped out. I went into a deep depression, and only work distracted me.

I lived like that for at least a year.

I paid no attention to my physical pain. My life was just a chair, a keyboard, snack breaks, showers, and… emptiness.

I got out of bed one morning and immediately collapsed back in. Everything was spinning around me. At first, I couldn’t understand what had happened and tried to get up again and collapsed again. Cold fear enveloped me. Deciding it was a microstroke, I called an ambulance.

At the hospital, I was quickly brought to my senses. The doctor told me that my dizziness was due to severe stress and muscle spasm in my neck and upper back.

pain Apparently, I had fallen asleep at night in such an uncomfortable position that my already clogged muscles blocked almost all the blood flow through the vertebral arteries.

My brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen and amidst the emotional stress, I had a transient ischemic attack.

At 35 years old, I felt like an infirm old man.

A neurologist further examined me and revealed postural changes in my neck. Its curvature was flattened. The doctor explained that my spine had adjusted to the way I was sitting this awkward hunched position. The muscles were “used” to being in increased tone.


Guys, if only you knew how much money I’d pissed away at these appointments. How right my mother was to berate me for my stoop.

At first, painkillers and some light stretches given to me by a physical therapist helped. It really did make me feel better. But when I returned to my previous level of work, the pain returned with the same intensity.

Frank, a college basketball buddy of mine, told me to go to the gym and get an orthopedic neck pillow. I had told him about my problem at the reunion. Things were problematic with the gym. I had a project on fire – I was sitting at work all day and night again.


I decided to do something about the pillow, though.

It didn’t take long. I contacted my doctor on FB and described Frank’s advice. He was supportive and recommended a memory foam orthopedic pillow. Not too long ago, scientists in South Korea demonstrated that these pillows have a positive effect on neck curvature and muscle tone.

Going a little deeper into the subject, I found a couple of other articles.

They described the experience of German and British doctors in treating chronic neck pain. They used the same pillows. Their patients noted a marked decrease in neck pain after 6 weeks of treatment. Clearly, it was worth the effort.

What is an orthopedic pillow and how do they relieve neck pain?

Orthopedic pillows with memory foam are very interesting. They are made of polyurethane foam, which takes the form of the head and neck under the influence of body heat. When the person lies on it, as if the head is slightly enveloped, which gives it a superfluous position. This exposure relaxes the muscles and the pain gradually goes away.

For the sake of interest, I did an experiment. I lay on my pillow in the same position for an hour and read a book. When I got up, I felt stiffness in my neck and between my shoulder blades. It had only been one hour. What would happen overnight?

Is the Orthopedic Pillow a new trend?

As I delved deeper into my experiment, I reached out to my coworkers. For the first time in my life, I posted in a work chat room with a question like this, and for the first time in my life, I saw such a discussion there.


It turns out that most of my colleagues sleep on such pillows. They got rid of the pain. No wonder, our problems are similar, as well as work tasks.

The opinion of the orthopedist was decisive.

A colleague gave me her father’s number, he’s an orthopedic surgeon. Mr. John Noltey has been counseling patients with orthopedic problems for more than 20 years. He confirmed the fact that for pronounced neck pain, exercises and orthopedic pillows have a remarkable effect.

Then I realized that I had collected enough convincing data on the benefits of orthopedic pillows. By ordering from ortorex.ie, I solved two issues at once. First, I was offered a good price of 60 E, and second, I received a quality product.


Six pints of beer was the price of my salvation from this pain.

And I don’t mean that I drank the pain away, but the opposite. I was able to order a pillow for the equivalent cost of six pints of beer. For that money, I purchased a product that relieved me of 85-90% of my neck pain. Yes, some mild discomfort remains, but the physical therapist has promised to work on my neck.


Was it worth the money? I’ve decided my health is worth it. I think the insurance agent breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that my neck hardly bothers me at all.

Of course, you will have to make the decision for yourself. Just think about my story and take the advice of a seasoned person – try it. Plus, there’s a nice touch. If you order from ortorex.ie, you can return the pillow with a full refund within thirty days.

Good luck getting rid of your neck pain!

sign Kerry
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